Commissions and Purchasing

Much of the work I do is by commission -- an individual or company has a specific need, and I design and build a piece or group of pieces to fulfill their requirements. When designing new furniture, I take into account where the work will go, how it will be used, budget constraints, and my client's particular tastes.

Although I can reproduce virtually any design, I believe one of the major benefits of custom work is the resulting custom solution. The final product is something both unique, and something particularly suited to the client's needs. In addition to furniture, I also produce built-in cabinetry for the home and office.

My shop rate is $60/hour, and my installation rate is $80/hour. I bid on a time and materials basis, but my final bid is fixed (except for installation, which is billed hourly). I require a working deposit of 50%, with the balance due upon delivery, prior to installation. I do not generally charge for the first bid nor the preliminary drawings. Delivery time varies based on the complexity of the project, and my present working schedule, but is usually in the 6-10 week range.

If you're interested in pursuing a project, please contact me with your questions or ideas.



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