My Aesthetic

Most of my life has been a process of winnowing away unimportant things, and finding that which is truly essential. I think this ethic is ultimately reflected in my furniture. My designs emphasize clean, simple lines, and rely on the beauty of the wood itself to give a piece its character. Each piece is unique, and I try to bridge the gap between form and function, between craft and art, by raising function itself to an art.

I feel very strongly that furniture is meant to be used. It must serve its intended purpose first and foremost. I also strive to make each piece as beautiful as it is useful. Achieving that balance is important to me, and a number of my designs even appear to float and challenge gravity. Nonetheless, I expect my furniture to last lifetimes, to suffer the rigors of daily use, and to withstand repair and refinish (though this may not be required for 50 years or more).

The construction itself is often a feature in my designs; exposed joinery such as dovetails, through tenons, and contrasting inlays and plugs are visible elements in much of my work.

Although I do sometimes incorporate metal (a number of pieces use solid brass or copper, including the copper handle of the table on the front page), my primary working medium is wood. Wood is relatively soft and forgiving, and embodies a warmth that no other material can offer. In all my work I try to honor the tree from which the wood came by emphasizing the wood itself and its own beauty, as well as by building furniture that will last beyond the lifetime of the tree.


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