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"Bed" can mean a variety of things. What I've pictured here are complete beds that include headboard, footboard, rails and posts. I've also made a number of standing headboards, a few platform beds, and day beds as well.

Bedding typically comes in twin, double, queen and king sizes, but I can make a bed to any specifications. Beds present a special challenge because they must come apart for transport but be rigid enough to endure daily use. There are a variety of "knock-down" hardware options available. The beds pictured on the left use self-tightening hand cut joints -- they require no hardware at all!

As pictured on the right above, I also design custom murphy beds, using the hardware from Wallbed. My murphy beds are custom (I don't stock any beds), designed to fit a particular situation, and use my own design vernacular. If you're looking for a pre-built bed, or a standard murphy bed design, Wallbed lists a number of vendors that sell murphy beds as kits.


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