My open source software, available for download

In addition to using open source software, I have a variety of scripts and packages you can download and use (for free!).

  • Calliope - a complete music management system, originally based on Otto-2.0. Calliope is a music jukebox (it's my stereo, playing mp3's and more), a radio station (integrated with Icecast to stream music), and an interface for synching with an mp3 player as well as with a CD burner. It is not a music sharing program. That would be illegal. Don't use it for that. Try it!

  • - A single script search engine. It powers all the searching on the various sites I manage on my server. Try it!

  • - A simple script that uses templates to format the response from a contact page. It powers all the contact pages on the various sites I manage on my server. Try it!

  • show2.cgi - The script that I use to provide most of my travel slideshows.

Other OS links

    macprint - Getting your Mac OSX to print to a network printer, using CUPS.



Please contact me with any ideas, questions, or improvemnts.

All software © copyright neil verplank unless otherwise noted.