show2.cgi -- slideshow Script

My slideshow script powers almost all my travel site slideshows. It can be used across mutiple domains, and multiple folders within a domain, using templates.

    It can be used across multiple domains. I host a number of domains, and each domain owner can use this one script to have contact pages under their particular domain.


This script is both free, and open source software, licensed under the GNU / GPL license. You are free to modify it and redistribute it (as long as you include the source - see the license for details).


   - perl 5.x (including the HTML::Template module)
   - *nix
   - a web server
   - the perl HTML::Template module

Installation and usage

Using the script is pretty self explanatory. Unzip the folder wherever you keep your source code. Put show2.cgi into your cgi-bin, set your execute permissions, then modify the clearly labeled "user variables" at the top of the script.

Put template.htm, in your root web directory (typically /home/httpd/html). Modify to suit. You'll need to also put the "buttons" and "sliders" folders in a web-accessible directory, and modify the template to point at the right place.