Dovetail's Philosophy

We want to help you do business - that may seem trite at first glance, but it affects everything about how we do what we do. It defines the network of people we work with, it defines our payment policies, it defines what we're willing to do, our ability to meet deadlines, our willingness to call on outside resources, or even refer you to peers who are uniquely qualified to handle your particular situation when we are not.

We want to make your business more productive and effective, using the best tools and resources available. Be it internally, with your clients, with your sales force, with your market, we are looking for ways to divine and improve on what it is you do. Ultimately, we want to help you distribute your business processes and communication over the network; allowing you to stay focused on what you're already doing.

We believe in craftsmanship; anything less than the best is bound to disappoint you in the end. We constantly search for the best skills, the best tools, the best new practices. Building something that is designed to last requires skill, patience, and experience.


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