Our Process

Our process, and necessarily the result varies based on what we're asked to do. If, for instance, our role is one of consultant, determining a best course of action, we might complete only the first two steps below; producing an architecture and recommendations for technology, budget and implementation partners. The latter two development steps apply to a finished product, such as an intranet or a web site.

Reviewing your company and your goals

Part of every project requires that we conduct a thoughtful analysis of your current business practices, corporate literature, communication network and your long term goals.

By integrating our own knowledge and experience, we can show you what possibilities the available technologies will offer, and help recommend best practices to insure continued competitiveness. If our mutual goal will result in a finished product, such as a web site, we consider what kinds of technologies make sense for your company and your site, and we establish some budget guidelines.


Next we create an outline for your information flow, and a recommended structure for your information storage and web site if applicable. This might also involve an interface design for a product or process, or for your web site. A front and back end data structure is established for your content. We also create a plan for the hardware and software architecture your site would need.

Development and Implementation

The largest phase is one of data collection, integration and implementation. Text & pictures, proposals, presentations, communication channels and data are all integrated into a cohesive structure with the assistance of graphic designers and programmers. The final product and tool set is thoroughly tested, and when it's ready, it's launched.


Once you're using the site and the tools on an ongoing basis, we help you make the transition from development to day-to-day operations. This can be as simple as flipping a switch, or involve comprehensive training sessions, or finding the appropriate outsource partners -- each project has a unique solution.


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