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    I will post some number of assignments here on the web - there will never be more than one per class. An assignment is due the week following the week in which it's posted unless otherwise noted. I may not post an assignment until after a class (which I would announce during class), so be sure to check on Tuesdays if you're worried about it and missed class. You can use absolutely any means you think appropriate or necessary to accomplish an assignment - paper and pencil, a word processor, an arc welder - however you're comfortable working and thinking. But, I expect everything to be turned in electronically, via email. Obviously, if you model a process using paper mache, for instance, you'll have to scan it or take a picture.

    Assignments themselves are posted on the table of contents in green.


    Hey - I gotta give 'em. I will not grade exercises, but I will grade assignments; I will generally look at overall effort and a demonstration that you've learned something. The final project, which I will grade, is, naturally, a web site. Hopefully, over the course of the semester, you'll all come up with something you'd like to do, and the homework will entail part of the final project, each week tackling a different aspect of the site. No, you are not stuck building the site you think of the first week, yes you can wait until the last day to start the final site. But it will be mighty hard to do anything decent and substantial in a day.

    Officially, if you are absent 3 times, you fail. If you're late three times, you're absent once. Personally and off the record, I'm an easy-going guy, and I consider it the student's responsibility to come, do the work, and get something out of class — I'm just here to help.

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