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    Following is the current plan for what we'll try to cover in the course. As a rule, I will try to write up a few pages of notes beforehand, and post them here each week - the title of each lecture is a link to the notes.

    There are typically 13-15 weeks in class, and there are, obviously, fewer lectures. This is in part because I've condensed things under headings that make topical sense, and partly to allow for us to discuss and work on projects during the course. Nonetheless, I've tried to cover everything in the lectures below, and have almost certainly covered things on line that I didn't have time for in class.

    Assignments & Exercises can be found on the homework page. Usually, the notes will also relate to and explain an assignment, so read (or skim) the notes to find out what I actually expect (before you completely freak out when you see an assignment).



  1. Introduction - What is Design?

    • it's all about communication

    • everybody does it

    • design 1, art 0

    • taking the world apart

    • informing the user

    • get it out of your head

  2. Information

    • something for nothing

    • culture and perception

    • the medium is the message

    • loops and infinities

    • room with a view

  3. Computers

    • 1's and 0's

    • bringing it home

    • insert tab A into slot B

    • you go first. no please, you go first.

    • the shell game ( side bar: using ftp )

    • you want a what now?

    • a square peg in a round hole

  4. Graphics, Images, Icons & Text

    • framing the possibilities

    • the language of icons

    • ROY G BIV

    • 217

    • it looked ok on my screen

    • through the looking glass

  5. Information Design & Modeling

    • what's the meaning of this?

    • just show me

    • beauty is truth

    • castles in the sand

    • the class system

  6. Interaction & Design

    • the power of touch

    • lines in the sand

    • stop the world, I want to get off

    • mine's bionic

  7. On Designing Well

    • the good, the bad & the ugly

    • where's the start button?

    • not the web, the internet

    • when do i make my first million?

  8. The Art of Implementation

    • model of rome built in a day

    • laying it out

    • solving the puzzle

    • borrowing and stealing

    • no man is an island

  9. Tools of the trade

    • a rose by any other name

    • tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

    • pushing the envelope

    • master of your domain

  10. Security and the Internet

    • the party line

    • being there

    • which one is which?

    • peek-a-boo

    • quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  11. A Working Project

    • a bird's-eye view

    • filling in the blanks

    • project overview

    • standards

    • functional requirements



  1. Computer Basics

  2. Using FTP

  3. Kurt Gödel

  4. Dreamweaver - posting your site




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