standards and documentation

    Following is one possible working directory structure (from an actual project) for ongoing project and documentation. These are categories and documents that are relevant to all teams, and of which all should be aware. Note that individual teams have their own folders, which may have a deep structure in their own right. There is no right or wrong structure, rather an organizational schema is shared from the beginning, in order to ground everyone involved.

    For instance, the documents in the "standards" folder define the basic rules and standards the programming and design teams would follow (e.g. file-naming conventions, protocol versions, file formats, etc.), and would need to be familiar with before beginning - some established ground rules. It's often important for one team to be familiar with the standards of another so that many teams can share work or information with one another, and guarantee compatibility from one stage of the process to the next.

    /dev =

            - hardware/network capacity analysis
            - placement procedures for improving site placement on the web
            - placement resources and tips
            - collaboration tools
            - list servers
            - threaded discussion engines
            - graphic process tools
          - site access rights
          - site security
            - process for handing engineering docs to a designer
            - example engineering design document
            - standard abbreviations for naming, data defs, file and variable names
            - html programming conventions
            - javascript programming conventions
            - sql server programming conventions
            - visual basic programming conventions
            - file naming standards
            - software tool choices




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