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July 2013

My personal and professional interests are pretty diverse. The links above each lead to a more or less separate galaxy in my overall universe. Professionally, I design and build furniture, am a luthier, I provide technology consulting and information design services, teach, and write on technology design among other things.

Personally, I like to travel, I develop opensource software (most notably the recent release of calliope, an open source music server), and have a pretty wide range of interests.

Feel free to drop a line anytime. You can also drop by at home (N 41 degrees 53.696 minutes | W 87 degrees 40.538 minutes) or work (N 41 degrees 51.628 minutes| W 87 degrees 41.263 minutes). I confess this site needs a bit of an update, which I plan on getting to this spring, so stay tuned...

And of course, my favorite dog: Finnegan.

Particularly out of date, but if you're interested, my C.V.: resume.


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