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Strategist Neil Verplank works with a number of internet startups to help them understand technology, its impact on their business, and to help them develop an effective strategy to deploy their business processes via intra- and internet.



Dovetail is working closely with this internet startup to design and oversee the implementation of an educational, internet-based community learning tool. We are pleased to be a part of the potential revolution in the way we all interact and learn on this planet.


Admin Pros

We are working with Admin Pros to help define a hardware and software architecture that would allow them to provide managed health care services for the state of Illinois' Juvenile population.


Diamond Technology Partners

We're helping Diamond move beyond a marketing based web site to define technology-based communities. Our goal is to try and create and integrate the appropriate tools that will allow Diamond to capture and mine ongoing communication and facilitate knowledge transfer within and across communities.


Audiodiner.com and Noisebox.com

The music business is being turned on it's head by MP3, a format for exchanging CD-quality music over the internet. Audiodiner has helped fuel the fire by literally giving away music, and paying the artists in the process through advertising dollars. We provided ongoing strategic advice, and helped facilitate back end processes to create the beginnings of a community.



A distributed client-server application designed to facilitate communication among a national sales force, we worked closely with Neodesic to help refine and focus the user interface.

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