Who is Dovetail?

Founded by Neil Verplank, we're a small firm with diverse expertise, our core focus is helping you chart a strategic course as technology continuously changes the world in which you do business. Our experiences range from strategic consulting to information design & architecture to computer programming and of course, web site development. Rather than merely erecting a web site, we strive to help you automate your day-to-day business processes.

The astonishing growth in the internet industry has created some interesting and exciting challenges in project management. The demand for talented and competent people is high; finding a company with all the right people in place can be difficult.

Our strategy is simple -- we keep abreast of technical developments, and have an extended network of developers and specialists who have the necessary skills and can be called on as needed to deal with current technologies.

This has several distinct advantages for our clients:


Maintaining a staff of qualified experts in a field that re-invents itself every six months is virtually impossible. We don't even try. Instead, we work with a community of specialists who are available on an as-needed basis; who have the highest possible level of expertise in their respective fields. So as the web changes and evolves, so does our pool of people.

This helps insure that we are always ahead of the curve, instead of behind it.


By eliminating the need for retraining, office management and infrastructure, we're able to stay lean and move quickly. This helps keep our costs down, while again maintaining the highest level of technical competency.


By maintaining contacts with the current experts, we're able to deliver the best work in a variety of fields, yielding better overall results.


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